The Monkey Way

We believe that successful communication is driven by genuine stories that have the power to move people.

We help entertainment & lifestyle brands to develop and transform these stories into unique campaigns and design-solutions that get audiences going.

We don't believe in target customers, we believe in an audience.

We move heads for a
Mindful Strategy.

Our campaign architecture is based on insights in combination with many years of experience understanding and moving an audience. This substance rooted in a process that forms solid fundamentals for every single creative asset.

We move imagination for an
Inspired Creation.

Today relevance is everything. Every idea, every design, every communication solution must attract our attention and be useful. We search for this substance in every project and bring it along with a surprising creation to move an audience.

We move tools for a
Versatile Production.

We are a creative agency with a fully integrated in-house production. Our productions surprise with an excellent implementation of our ideas for each platform. This is our super proven workflow with no compromises from the idea to the final asset.

We move numbers for a coordinated
New Media Distribution.

The best result can only be achieved if content and message are in perfect harmony with the campaign’s distribution – and are continually optimized. Our clients can focus on decisions instead of coordination between agencies.

Let’s move your audience!

Peter Gotzoll
Creative Director
& Founder

Artur Kolodziejski
Head of Operations